Tim wakes up in a unfamiliar world, which is full of horrors and danger. Will he find a safe way to home? The goal of the gameplay is to collect 10 gifts, avoid the enemies in order to getting to the end. The game supports XBOX 360 controller or equivalent. Please play in full-screen, thank you!  ♥

Tim's Christmas Nightmare is a game made for Ludum Dare 43 in 3 days by 3 people, so this is not a final, polished game, but more like a prototype!


Neil Rankin - Programming, Audio https://zombievirals.itch.io/

Jerrtato - Programming, Audio, Animations, Character art https://jerrtato.itch.io/

Blank Canvas - Environment art, Cover art https://blank-canvas.itch.io/


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I think I ran into a weird issue since I only saw 4 gifts, but I really like the creatures designs and everything was so nice looking and gameplay was very fluid. I played it as one of 3 videos, and it was the first game I covered.


Amazing artwork (especially the idle animation), lots of different enemies, responsible controls, fitting music and sound effects and a great hook at the beginning. I run out of nice things to say about this game :D. I got to the end but I couldnt see my mom still. Where are you mom?? :joy:


Awww yeah!


Great effort! Amazing what your team can do in just 2 days.