Arrow keys for movement

Space bar for attack(at level 3 only)

What INSPIRED this game? Vintage Computing/Indie Jones by Tim Ruswick

List any additional team members here.  None

List the parts of your game you or your team did NOT make. (Pre-existing assets or downloaded content) graphics assets:

Player Gfx - Clint Bellange
Checkpoint Floppy - Gobusto
Led Arrow - Qroft
Lightning - Calinou

Music --
On My Way- DeltaBreaker

Soundtrack(A Few Famitracks) - Spring



Sound --
Ice and Electricity Magic by Iwan 'qubodup' Gabovitch

Development log


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Damn... I found it to be very hard.. But I really liked it. :)
As a former electronics-mechanic, I was trying to see what chip you used.. .
Very well done :D

Thanks for playing!! The chip I used(for level 1 platforms) was out of the motherboard from my IBM Model 1560, but I'm not sure the exact function of said chip, I think it is an NEC brand though.. I'm just starting to learn about Vintage Computers, I love them though :)

Very nice :) Like the old stuff, it was all simpler, and all with a given computer had the same hardware. Sigh.. those where the days.. :)
Not that I wan't to go back.. Hell no... No internet ;)