My first NES style jam, I had very little time over the weekend for this due to other obligations, but I had fun anyway. Just a quick little platform style game(that's all I do).  Your Bomber, in a "dungeon", I guess, trying to escape from the BombSquad guys. They are assholes.  Firefox recommended, Chrome may not work well, at least my version of Chrome has been terrible with HTML5 games lately.


Keyboard controls are arrow keys to move and jump.  Space to attack.

GamePad controls are d-pad for right and left movement. A button to jump and B button attacks.

Credits: All I did mainly was the "programming", if that is what you want to call it, some people don't consider Construct 2 to be programming, I really don't care, I'm just having fun. I made the character graphic and his attack, I was lazy this weekend.
I didn't do any of the sounds, again, lazy.


Bomber- I drew that in like 30 seconds using Graphics Gale(I'm not much of an artist as you can tell, lol)
The sparks on his wick are a separate overlay sprite.

BombSquad Enemy-
Cedfelt "Tiny Space Explorer", modified for
NES palette and 4 color rule.

Psygen tiles, slightly modifed for NES palette.

Stephen Challener (Redshrike)
HEAVILY modified sprite animation, not only for NES palette. but
to make him "water" elemental type thing.

4-Color Assortment
Artist: Spring, "Jay" Character Concept: Sinnocturnal.


"Music by Christovix Games" or if there are songs by multiple composers, "xulogical-jeremy by Christovix Games, as heard in the title screen."

Fast Level Music and Boss Music:

Hit Sound Effects:

Explosion Sound:

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